Daniel T. Larose, Ph.D.

Director, Data Mining @CCSU,  
Professor of Statistics and Data Mining, 
Central Connecticut State University

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John Hartford

Announcing the 
Wiley Book Series on 
Methods and Applications in Data Mining
Call for Submissions


Discovering Knowledge in Data: An Introduction to Data Mining
(Wiley, 2005) 

Daniel T. Larose

Data Mining 
Methods and Models

(Wiley, 2006) 

Daniel T. Larose 

Data Mining the Web: 
Uncovering Patterns in

 Web Content, Structure, 
and Usage 

(Wiley, 2007) 

Zdravko Markov and Daniel T. Larose 

This way if you would like to speak with Dr. Larose about
Data Mining Consulting
 or Statistical Consulting

Daniel T. Larose received his PhD in statistics from the University of Connecticut.   A professor of statistics and data mining at Central Connecticut State University, he developed and directs Data Mining@CCSU, the world's first online master of science program in data mining.   He also provides data mining consulting and statistical consulting.  

This article about Dr. Larose and data mining appeared on the front page of the Hartford Courant (Dec 26, 2003).